Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is presently the Chairman of GRAND GROUP of COMPANIES, besides being the founder Director of Grand Batteries (Pakistan) Ltd. for which he remained Executive Director for over 30 years.

In addition to his professional experience of Manufacturing of Lead Acid Storage Batteries, Mr. Javed has life time experience in Defense Sector especially Aviation Industry of Pakistan to Build and Maintained Aircraft and Helicopters as specialist on avionics (Honeywell – Bendix/King USA) and besides this he has command in Imports and Exports including special knowledge in SME Sector for which he has lifetime experience with grassroots information for the establishment and promotion of SMEs.


Mr. Rehmatullah Javed received his training in GERMANY and also attended management course for Senior Executives of United Nations. Mr. Javed have also represented PAKISTAN in Trade Delegations and several International meetings and Seminars, and have visited several countries which includes TURKEY, IRAN, IRAQ, UAE, MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRIES, EUROPEANUNION, FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY, BANGLADESH, INDIA, SRI LANKA, MALDEIVES, BHUTAN, NEPAL BELGUIM, UK, Soviet Union & USA.

Federation Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industries - FPCCI
Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is serving Trade and Industry of Pakistan at the forum of FPCCI since 1985 and presently Member Managing Committee for the years 2005-2006-2007 and 2008. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed has already served on several standing committees as Senior Vice Chairman and Chairman. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed presently representing the Federation of Pakistan on the most important sector of economy as Chairman Competitiveness Committee of FPCCI and Co-Chairman Alternate Energy Committee of FPCCI. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed also served as Chairman SME Committee of FPCCI for the year 2005-2006 and served most effectively to this vital sector of economy. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is also the Vice Chairman of Pak-Canada Business Council FPCCI for the year 2007 and 2008. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is also the Director of Pak-USA Business Council of FPCCI. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed also remained on a very high profile assignment of FPCCI Pak-Germany Business Council as its Chairman. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed has traveled all over the world and has represented Pakistan through FPCCI trade delegation more then 50 times.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed a founder member of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry with Membership serial no. 19-C in Chamber Class and 245-A in the Associate Class. He has also served as Executive Committee Member in the years 1973-76, 1983-86 & 1995-98 and Chaired Several Standing Committees. Mr. Javed also represented the Trade & Industry on several Government Committees for the last 30 years, which includes SME, Import & Export, and Infrastructure & Skills Development.

Mr. Javed also accepted the high profiled assignment of SECRETARY GENERAL of SAARC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY with its head quarters at Islamabad responsible to coordinate and link the economic activities to achieve prosperity in the region.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is also the founder Executive Committee member of ECO Chamber of Commerce Industry representing Pakistan for the year 1995-2006 and he also remained Chairman of the Standing Committee of JOINT TRANSIT TRADE of ECO Chamber. He traveled to Iran, Turkey more than 35 times and all the Central Asian Member States to represent Pakistan and attend meetings for the promotion of trade in ECO region.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed being prominent businessman of the country and also being an entrepreneur in the engineering sector of Pakistan has accepted the high profiled portfolio of the ENGINEERING COMPONENT & MACHINERY MANUFACTURING ASSOCIATION OF PAKISTAN as its CHAIRMAN (ECMMA) 1997-98-99 & 2000.

Beside Trade activities Mr. Javed is especially interested to promote and introduce most modern and up to date TECHNICAL EDUCATION & TRAINING PROGRAMS to serve the exact needs of Industry so that the Human Resource Development may remain Demand Oriented. To achieve this target he remained Chairman of the TECHNICAL TRAINING & EDUCATION COMMITTEE OF LCCI and introduced latest and most modern method in Technical Training & Educational Programs, He also constituted INSTITUTE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEES and deputed several businessmen on these committees as their Chairmen and remained Regional Chairman of all Poly Technical schools of Lahore Division and to confirm his efforts Lahore Chamber decorated him with ever first GOLD MEDAL in this sector and Government of Germany also awarded him with a prize presented to him by the President of Federal Republic of Germany.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed was also represented the Trade & Industry on the BOARD OF GOVERNORS of Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Center (PITAC) Ministry of Industries Government of Pakistan and have introduced and implemented new programs to meet the demand of latest Technologies by the industrial sector also Training & Educational programs have been re-organized to meet the demand of latest modern machineries installed in the industrial sector-1990-1997.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed remained Chairman of the Advisory Center for Industrialization (ACI) for the establishment and promotion of Small & Medium Entrepreneur at LCCI from 1990-1995. This center was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan to promote the concept of One Window Service. The center played its due role very successfully under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Rehmatullah Javed and this center provided consultancy services, industrial feasibility services and infrastructure services to promote and support industrial activity. The center provides almost 25 thousand businessmen at home and abroad in five years. This center was having camp offices of HBL, EPB, ADB, WAPDA, Custom & Excise & Department of Industries.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed started to promote SME sector from the forum of LCCI as Chairman of SME committee from 1983 till today and working to establish and solve the problems of SME so that this important sector of economy may play its vital role as required. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is the only member of the Federal Task Force to formulate the SME policy from the private sector. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is also Managing Committee Member of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Apex Trade Body of Pakistan) and Chairman of the SME Committee of FPCCI & LCCI. Keeping in view the un-tired services of Mr. Rehmatullah Javed the Chief Minister of the Punjab has very recently appointed the Member Board Punjab Small Industry Corporation. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed has attended several international forums and seminars on SME in Pakistan and abroad. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed has also organized similar programs in Pakistan. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed also led the Pakistan Delegation to attend the SME Conference organized by Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Japan held at New Delhi. He further attended several international conferences held by UNIDO, UNDP, European Union, WIPO and WTO.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is also promoting the SME sector at the entrepreneurial faculty of LUMS through active participation of Business Idea Compitition and also through solid grass root input for SME.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed played lead role to organized the disbursement of soft loan to the real small entrepreneur loan for which he organized the groups of consultants with various slabs and banks like UBL, HBL, ABL were provided an office at LCCI to process and sanction the small loans and 279 Small Industrial units were served and established at that time. Keeping in view the good work done by SME committee of LCCI, Governor of the Punjab was kind to announce a seat for LCCI on the Board of Directors of Punjab Small Industrial Corporation (PSIC) since 1983.

Pakistan & Srilanka have entered into Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and in the result of resent visit of President of Srilanka to Pakistan in which it has been further agreed to establish Joint Business Council of Pakistan and Srilanka. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed Member Managing Committee of FPCCI was appointed a founder Chairman Pak Srilanka Business Council in August 2006. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed immediately took initiative and started to promote trade between two countries for which he invited Excellency High Commissioner of Pakistan Air Marshall Shahzad Aslam Ch. to meet the Directors and Members of Pak Srilanka Business council at Lahore. The High Commissioner met the Directors of the council and was in complete agreement to peruse the Road Map of PSLBC activities and promised to support at all levels.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed along with Mr. Shoaib Hamid Khawaja, Director PSLBC also called at the Srilanka High Commissioner General Weer Lal Sorya and presented his credentials and proposed the measures to promote trade between Pakistan & Srilanka.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed again welcomed the new High Commissioner of Srilanka His Excellency Dr. Dura Combure and he presented him the action plan to address the promotion of trade between two countries. He also attended the Srilankan national day calibrations 2007 and met the foreign Minister Srilanka, Commerce Secretary Srilanka and other dignities from Srilanka.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed also hosted a dinner to the entourage members of the President of Srilanka delegation visiting Lahore at Punjab Club which included honorable Mr. Macky Hashim former President of SEARC Chambers and Srilankan Federation along with President of Srilankan Federation Mr. Nawaz Rajabudin who was leading the delegation. This diner was also attended by Mr. Tariq Iqbal Puri Economic Minister of Pakistan posted at European Union Brussels along with President of Brussels Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed also attended a workshop at New Delhi in August 2007 and attended the symposium on the subject of “Doing Business in South Asia” arranged by SAARC Chamber. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed made his presentation on the Business Trade Relations between Srilanka & Pakistan.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed welcomed the High Commissioner of Srilanka and Counsel General at the federation house FPCCI Karachi and made presentation and led the discussions to promote and enhance bilateral trade between Srilanka and Pakistan on his recent visit to Karachi on 14-Nov-2007. Keeping in view the situation of Srilanka Representation at Lahore which is most unsatisfactory for the last over five years and it was proposed by the Mr. Zubair Tufail, Vice President FPCCI and requested Excellency the High Commissioner of Srilanka that Mr. Rehmatullah Javed may kindly be nominated as Honorary Counsel General of Srilanka at Lahore for which Excellency agreed and FPCCI has sent formal request/nomination.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is also supported assisted Trade Development Authority of Pakistan to hold single country exhibition at Colombo from 11-Jan-2008 to 13-Jan-2008.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is regularly Assisting High Commissioner & Consulate of Srilanka to promote Trade & Industry at all levels in Pakistan.

Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is the Founder Joint Secretary and Member Board of Governors of LABARD established at the forum of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry to rehabilitate disabled. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is actively involved in the rehabilitation process of disabled, which is serving the humanity by way of providing education, consulting, training and employment to the disabled person. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is also Served as the Chairmen NGO Networking of LABARD responsible to provide linkage with stakeholders in society. Mr. Rehmatullah Javed is also the Founder Secretary General of RUGMARK FOUNDATION Pakistan established at the forum of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry to eradicate Child Labor forms the Industry & Society and rehabilitation of the child. Presently Mr. Javed is actively involved in the activities of LCCI, which is serving the humanity by way of providing Education, Consulting, Training and Employment to the Disable persons. He is a keen Social Worker and represents Trade & Industry in this sector.


  • Chairman Pakistan Srilanka Business Council FPCCI
  • Chairman Committee on Competitiveness FPCCI
  • Chairman Committee on Industry (SME) LCCI
  • Chairman Zonal Diplomatic Affair Committee FPCCI
  • Director PAK-USA Business Council FPCCI
  • Member Managing Committee, FPCCI
  • Member Managing Committee ECMMA
  • Member Federal Task Force on National SME Policy
  • Member Board, Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC)
  • Member SME Finance Access Committee State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)
  • Founder & General Body Member LABARD